Netflix party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Let's Create Fun Netflix Party Via Teleparty

Now, you can enjoy your favorite Netflix TV shows, web series, movies, and anything with anyone in perfect sync. Distance with friends is something unbearable, and Teleparty has a solution. You can download the Teleparty extension to experience your old hangout days again. This extension is equipped with endless features, and such things are why it’s popular. Teleparty synchronized video playback and added group chat in your Netflix Party. Arrange a virtual meet with long-distance friends now and host a virtual Watch Party to enjoy something new. Moreover, whatever distance you and your friends live worldwide, you all get connected with a few clicks.

Let's Create Fun Netflix Party Via Teleparty

Ways To Host Netflix Party Via Teleparty

Teleparty has found the modern way to let you enjoy yourself with your distant friends. Now, miles have no power to let you feel apart from your favorite people. So, you can enjoy that movie with your famous person which you were dreaming of watching together. Also, add as many friends as you want; there are no limitations on entertainment. Just read out the below simple steps to host your own Netflix Party to let your soul connect with your loved one.

Ways To Host Netflix Party Via Teleparty

You need to start the procedure using the teleparty extension in your system. Click Here to download the extension right now or anytime. But, it supports only Chromebook, macOS, Windows, or Computer. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you use either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser during the process.

After having the extension in your system, make sure that you pin it to the Toolbar. Firstly click on the “ICON” next to the address bar, then click on the extension’s icon to pin to the Toolbar.

Now, you need to go to the Teleparty extension and open your Netflix account. Make sure your Netflix account is subscribed to make it run smoothly.

Once you have successfully logged in to your account, go to the search bar and type your desirable movie name or anything. Now, play one of the options to create a Netflix Party.

Click on the “ICON” place right at the toolbar on your current browser. A window will pop up named “Create a watch party.” You will see a “Start A Party” button on this window to host your Netflix watch party.

You will get a watch party link until this step. You need to share this URL with the friends you want while streaming.

How to Join a Netflix Party via Shared URL?

Sync Your Viewing With Anyone Worldwide

Teleparty has maximized your fun by allowing you to sync anything worldwide. To let your soul connect with your loved one, create a Netflix Party without waiting. Don’t let the distance matter in your friendship; just enjoy binge-watching with movie freaks. Host a Netflix Party with long-distance family and friends and enjoy the movie nights via Teleparty. Sync anything you want to and let your dull night become shiny with loved ones. Also, there is no concern of a particular country to make it run; just ensure that Netflix is available there.

Free HD Streaming With Fast-Buffering

Here is the good news for all the movie freaks. Teleparty is the way to get HD streaming in sync along with a quick-buffering facility. To let you enjoy the best movie experience, Netflix is updated to provide you with HD Quality at no cost. All the users will love this and will be curious to enjoy binge-watching with loved ones.

Control In Your Hand

You can opt for the complete control in your hand to play, pause, rewind or forward the video. Being a host, you can keep control over the Party until you want to. All the control freaks will love this feature and rule on the Party. All you need is to turn the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button green, and you will get complete control instantly.

Live Chat To Strengthen Bond

The live chat feature doesn’t let you feel any distance from your group watchers. You will express your excitement in the same way you used to do in a theatre. Moreover, enjoy chit-chat with your friends anywhere in the world while watching your favorite Netflix TV show or movie. So, strengthen your bond with friends and make memories by sending fun emojis and reacting to their messages.

Modify Profile, Stay Updated

The modern era is all about staying updated. You will have this awesome customization setting to design your profile as per your stylish taste. Use the available avatar or create your own to use. Additionally, you can put any nickname of any of your most-loving group members to make them feel special.