Hulu Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host Hulu Watch Party To Celebrate Everyday With Friends

Teleparty has a modern and easy way to connect with friends on Hulu Watch Party. You can now reach your friends by staying in your respective place. You don’t need to step out to enjoy the movie party; all you need is a Teleparty extension in your system. One can host their own Hulu Watch Party to contact loved ones immediately. No matter where you and your friends are in the world, this extension is accessible globally. Additionally, its excellent chat function will make you all feel surrounded by each other. Using this user-friendly tool is Easy peasy. Download the superb feature-equipped extension for free today or now. So, know more about the extension by going with the below reading:

How Can Someone Throw Hulu Watch Party Via Teleparty

Hosting the Hulu Watch Party is a free and updated way to feel connected despite the distance. Create your watch night and ask your number of friends to join. Once all get connected, all the participants will enjoy the same live streaming in sync. So, let’s start the procedure by following easy steps:

Hulu Watch Party Via Teleparty

The first thing you must have in your system is the Teleparty extension. Download it smoothly in your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. Additionally, it supports only macOS, Chromebook, Laptops, Windows, and Computers. So make sure about the compatibility of the extension to proceed ahead. Also, you can Click here to get a Teleparty extension in your system. 

Pin the extension to the toolbar is an intelligent way to keep it in the system. You can pin this by simply clicking on the “ICON” placed next to the address bar. Now pin the Teleparty right there for easy future use.

You must have your own subscribed Hulu account. Smoothly login to your account to sync your favorite video hassle-free. Also, make sure that your friends who are about to join Hulu Watch Party need to have their own separate Hulu account along with an updated subscription. 

You can search for your desired video and play it in this step. Once you play the video, you must create the URL to let your friends join the watch party.

Furthermore, you must be watching the “ICON” next to your address bar. A window will pop up with the name “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” along with a “START A PARTY” button. You need to click on this button to get the instant Watch Party URL.

By reaching this step, you must have got a URL. Further, Copy the URL and share it with the people you want to have in the Watch Party. Therefore, you can navigate the unique streaming experience above smooth steps. However, only the people you share the invitation URL with can join the watch party.

You first need a URL shared by your friend to join a Hulu Watch Party. Once you have that, download the Teleparty Extension in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. Also, make sure about your separate subscription to make it run. Now, log in to your Hulu account and click on the Invitation URL your friend has shared. Enjoy the most memorable Watch Party.

Unique Features For More Fun

Enjoy the Watch Party with the updated features. Here are the points which will make your Hulu Watch Party memorable. Let’s discuss the advantageous feature to let you know deep about Hulu:


HD Streaming With Fast Buffering: Video with quality fill enthusiasm to enjoy a Watch Party with friends. Let your video get loaded quickly with this feature. Hulu Watch Party is the way to experience quality HD streaming and fast buffering with your dear one.


➔ Host Has Full Control: When creating the Hulu Watch Party, there would be an option named “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL.” Click on the button to get complete control to play, pause, rewind, and forward the current video. 


➔ Update Your Profile: This impressive feature helps you customize your profile and stay updated. You can use a fun avatar and put the nickname of your close participant to make them feel special. 


➔ Fun Group Chat: You can hold a group chat and discuss any streamed video scene. Also, you can drop the reaction of your friends’ messages. 


➔ Globally Accessible: Now, you can host or join your Hulu Watch Party from anywhere around the world. There is no particular country to enjoy with friends via Teleparty. All you need is an excellent network to let it run smoothly. 

➔ No cost For Hulu Watch Party: Hulu Party
is now available at no charge. Anyone can join and host their Watch Party worldwide for free. If you have your subscribed Hulu account, you can enjoy it with friends for unlimited time.