Hotstar Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Create A Virtual Hotstar Party To Feel Friends Around

No more distance with friends and family. Download Teleparty Extension now and let your soul smile with them. Yes, We know that friends make life beautiful as well as streaming experiences. Add the maximum number of friends to your Hotstar Watch Party for free globally. A single Hotstar Party URL makes you feel them around virtually wherever they are in the world. Create your own Hotstar Party via Teleparty and let family and friends add spice to your streaming experience. Additionally, you won’t need to pay any charges. All you need to have is a Subscribed Hotstar Account in the Teleparty extension. In short, enhance your watch party experience and play any TV Show, Movie, Web-series, documentary, and more in sync worldwide.  However, You are wondering how to make it happen in real life? In this article, we have explained the complete uses of Hotstar. Just continue reading and stay updated with the modern tools.

Create A Virtual Hotstar Party To Feel Friends Around

Required Steps To Arrange Hotstar Party

Now, anybody can create their own fun as Teleparty developed a modern way for virtual get-togethers. Moreover, Get connected with friends and family in a short period. All you need to do is follow the below steps gently to make it a child play:

Required Steps To Arrange Hotstar Party​

You need to download the Teleparty extension in your system. Before that, Make sure you use only Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your device. You can click here to have the extension instantly. Additionally, Teleparty is compatible with Windows, macOS Laptops, Chromebooks, and PCs.

Now, pin it to the Toolbar to get quickly for subsequent use. Teleparty icon must be placed precisely on the right side of the browser’s Toolbar. Just pin it to the Toolbar to make it done.

After this, make login to your Hotstar account. Keep in mind that each group member needs their own subscribed Hotstar account. Additionally, everyone has to log in individually to their respective account.

Now, go on the search bar to get your desired show or anything and play it. Enjoy in sync with loved ones while streaming together from anywhere in the world.

In this step, click on the “ICON” button next to the address bar. A window named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will appear on the screen. Click on the “START A Hotstar PARTY” button to proceed further. Copy and share the Hotstar watch party URL generated with the friends you want to join with you.

How to Join a Hotstar Watch Party via Shared Url

You can quickly join your friends to enjoy movie streaming virtually. Follow the below points and get instant access to enter the Hotstar Party:

Unique Enjoyable Features Of Hotstar Party

This user-friendly extension will help you to experience your old hangout memories to experience again. This all-in-one extension lets you enjoy the most amazing virtual Watch party. It has never-ending features, and some of those has explained below, let’s begin:

Worldwide Accessibility: Hotstar is accessible all over the world. No matter where you and your friends are, you all will virtually feel surrounded by each other. Distance doesn’t matter; a single click will help you sync any of your favorite videos to enjoy together.

➔ High-Definition Streaming: Video Addicts will enjoy this feature. Binge-watchers will get this unique feature for more fun. Use this user-friendly tool and add colors to your dull night.

➔ Combined Group Chat Feature: This feature of Teleparty enables you to have a combined fun group chat and stay connected to share the experience throughout the Hotstar Party Night. You get this fantastic extension for free

➔ Stay Updated and Customize Your Profile: Here, you can design your profile according to your taste. Enjoy a beloved company while streaming the desirable video or anything.

➔ Privacy Is First: Privacy comes first for all of us. We know the importance of privacy and keep all the chats and reactions secured. Moreover, no one except the participants will have the authority to overview the activities of your Hotstar Party.

➔ Various Compatibilities: you have options for compatibility and can choose any of them. Teleparty supports Windows, macOS Laptops, Chromebook, and PCs. Go with any of these to make it run smoothly.