Disney Plus Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host Your Disney Plus Watch Party Remotely With Friends

Teleparty has initiated the best streaming function on Disney Plus to let movie lovers enjoy with friends. Now, you can create your own Disney Plus Watch Party worldwide for free. This extension will allow you to connect with friends despite distance. Here, you can host or join the Disney Plus Watch Party by just having the Teleparty extension. You can sync any of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, web series, and more for free in the best HD quality. In short, it is a modern way to watch videos along with your friends and family. Wonder about how it runs and how you can host your Watch Party? Let’s continue the reading and make yourself updated with the modern functions.

Disney Plus Watch Party

Steps Required To Create Disney Plus Watch Party

You need to install the Teleparty extension to make it run smoothly. You have to use either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser for this. Once your system is equipped with the Teleparty extension, then keep in mind that it supports only macOS laptops, Chromebooks, Windows, and Computers.

To open it quickly next time, pin the extension to the toolbar. To add the Teleparty extension to the toolbar, click on the “ICON” placed at the right of the window or next to the address bar. Smoothly pin it there and make it easy to find for future use.

Once you are done with the earlier steps, go to your Disney Plus account and log in by adding the required information. For this, you need to have a separate subscription to your Disney Plus to host the virtual movie party. Additionally, those friends you are willing to add to your party need to have their different Disney Plus Subscription as well. Ensure the subscription first; if you already have, then proceed further.

Tap on the search section, type the movie’s name or any video you want to watch, and click to play.

Once you play the video, tap on the “ICON,” which you pinned in the toolbar. A window named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will open. You will get a “Start A Party” button on this window. Click on this button to generate the instant URL to share with friends. Once you get your URL, copy this and share it with your friends who are supposed to join the Disney Plus Watch Party.

Steps Required To Create Disney Plus Watch Party

Hosting and joining the watch party are two different things to understand. This section will know the required steps to join the Disney Plus Watch Party. The following steps will redirect you to the most desirable and fantastic experience of a seamless watch party. Here you can follow the steps with ease:

Install Teleparty And Enjoy The Updated Features

Features make the extension more exciting and enjoyable. Here, we will discuss the updated features that bring enthusiasm among the group members during live streaming. Let’s start to make you more familiar with Disney Plus: