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What Other Features Does FanCode Offer

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FanCode is changing the computerized sports scene, becoming a chief objective for sports enthusiasts worldwide. With a hearty client base surpassing 50 million and more than 25 million application downloads, it's clear that FanCode is devoted to conveying rich, extensive game insight. Taking special care of a wide range of sports, including cricket, football, ball, and kabaddi, FanCode rises above customary live streaming. 

The stage presents the FanCode Party extension, an original component permitting up to 100 fans to partake in live games together in wonderful sync, regardless of where they are. Furthermore, past the true to life, FanCode enhances the fan insight with select products, authorized scores, master examination, dream sports, and considerably more, setting up a good foundation for itself as a comprehensive games center point for lovers all over the planet.

Hosting a Fancode Watch Party: A New Way to Enjoy Sports with Friends

The Fancode Party Chrome extension is a game-changer for sports fans, enabling up to 100 participants worldwide to share the thrill of live sports in real-time synchronization. This feature has brought over 300 events, including exclusive international cricket matches, to fans in a unique communal setting.

Here’s how to get started with hosting your own FanCode Watch Party:

1. Install the FanCode Party Extension: Install the Fancode Party Chrome extension from the provided link, ensuring compatibility with browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

2. Pin the Extension: Afterwards, secure the Fancode Party Edge extension to your browser's toolbar for easy access.

3. Log into Your FanCode Account: Both hosts and participants must log into their FanCode accounts and have an active subscription.

4. Create and Share Your Party: Select the content you wish to watch, create a FanCode Party URL through the extension. And then, share it with your friends to start the Fancode Watch Party.

5. Enjoy Together: Engage in live group interactions, share insights, and enjoy the game in HD quality with real-time synchronization. Get Chrome Extension

Beyond Streaming: The Full FanCode Experience

FanCode is more than live streaming via the Fancode Party Chrome extension. It's an all-encompassing stage offering a scope of elements intended to upgrade the avid supporter experience:

1. Sports Product Store: Firstly, get true athletic equipment and frills from top groups and competitors.

2. Live Score Updates: Also, stay updated with real-time scores and match statistics across various sports.

3. Expert Analysis: Gain insights from seasoned sports journalists and former athletes to understand the games better.

4. Fantasy Sports: Dive into fantasy leagues for cricket, football, basketball, and more, adding an interactive element to your sports experience.

5. Personalized Content: Besides, enjoy customized news, articles, and video content based on your preferences.

6. Exclusive Sports Documentaries and Shows: Get behind-the-scenes access and stories about inspiring athletes and teams.

7. Multi-Sport Coverage: Further, from cricket to basketball, enjoy diverse sports content.

8. Interactive Features: Connect with a community of fans through live chat, polls, and quizzes.


FanCode is a comprehensive sports hub offering an immersive and interactive experience beyond traditional sports consumption. With its wide array of features, including the innovative FanCode Party Extension at Teleparty, FanCode sets a new standard for how fans engage with sports. Whether you're streaming a live match, participating in dream associations, or looking for your #1 group's product, FanCode offers something for each game fan.

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

Q1. What is the FanCode Party Extension, and how does it work?

The Fancode Party Firefox Extension is a creative component that permits up to 100 members to observe live games together on the web, progressively synchronizing. Moreover, to utilize it, introduce the expansion from the given connect, which is viable with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Then, pin it to your program, sign into your FanCode account. Further, make a Fancode Watch Party by choosing content and imparting a novel URL to companions.

Q2. Can I Access Live Score Updates and Expert Analysis on FanCode?

FanCode provides up-to-the-minute live score updates and expert analysis across various sports. Moreover, this feature ensures fans stay informed about the latest scores and receive in-depth insights from seasoned sports journalists. And also, former athletes, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of the games.

Q3. What Types of Content and Features does FanCode Offer Beyond Live Streaming?

Past live streaming, Fancode Party Edge extension offers a comprehensive games experience, including a games stock store with true stuff and extras. Plus, dream sports associations, customized content custom-made to your inclinations, elite games narratives and shows, and intuitive elements like live visits, surveys, and tests. Moreover, it covers many sports like cricket, football, b-ball, and kabaddi, making it an exhaustive center for sports lovers.

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