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Teleparty Full Guide To Watch Online With Friends

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You can better understand “Teleparty Chrome Extension” as an impressive way to stay connected with your loved one. Especifically, in the era of this digital world, where staying connected with friends, family & loved ones has become quite easy. Because traveling on a daily basis is quite troublesome and not even possible to do so on a daily basis. And here, the Teleparty Chrome extension (formerly known as Netflix Party) plays a vital role by offering a free and convenient solution. Furthermore, this online extension allowsInstall Teleparty you to watch your favorite movies. It shows alone or with friends, regardless of your physical location. Hence, following a few downward steps, you can create a Teleparty and enjoy a shared streaming experience with loved ones worldwide.

How to Stream via Teleparty Extension with Friends? 

There’s no such rocket science to install Teleparty for streaming videos with friends. Therefore, to explain the true meaning of “How to use Teleparty,” follow the below information, divided into two sections. So, let’s get started:  

Creating a Watch Party:

1. Install Extension: To install Teleparty extension, you must have a compatible web browser. For instance, either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Next, you must have a compatible device to install the extension. Such as Windows, Chromebook, or macOS.

2. Pin Extension: Once installed, pin the Teleparty extension to your browser's toolbar. This will make it easily accessible and visible next to the address bar. If you cannot find the TP button? Then, click on the puzzle icon next to the URL bar to add it to your toolbar. 

3. Streaming Account Login: Both the host and joiners of the watch party need to have their own subscription and login accounts for streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, HBO Max, etc. Log in to your preferred streaming website before starting the watch party.

4. Select & Play: Choose the video you wish to watch during the party. Start playing the video and then pause it temporarily to prepare for the watch party.

5. Create Invitation Link: Click on the TP icon next to your browser's address bar. Doing so will open a "Create A Watch Party" window along with a "Start a Party" button. Click on it to generate a watch party link to share with your friends.

Joining a Watch Party: 

1. Install Extension: If you're joining a watch party, ensure you have installed the Teleparty extension.

2. Click Invitation Link: Open the Teleparty invitation link sent by the host. It will redirect you to the watch party, where you can join the screening of a movie or show with your friends. You can even chit-chat with them during the streaming session.

Glimpses of Beneficial Teleparty Features 

You are not done with “How to use Teleparty,” as implying its features while streaming via Teleparty Chrome Extension is equally important. Hence, these beneficial features are as follows:  

1. Accessibility: Teleparty offers worldwide accessibility, allowing users from different locations to watch movies and shows together. You can use a VPN service if Tele Party is unavailable in your location.

2. Controllability: The host has complete control over the watch party. By enabling the "Only I have Control" button, the host can fast-forward, play, pause, rewind, or resume the video at any time.

3. Real-time Chat: Teleparty provides a live Group Chat feature, allowing participants to interact and share their opinions, reviews, and emojis during the watch party.

4. HD Resolution & Sync: Teleparty ensures high-definition video streaming and seamless synchronization for an excellent streaming experience.

5. Access to All: Teleparty can be used with various streaming platforms, including Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Prime Video, and HBO Max.

6. Profile Customization: Users can personalize their Teleparty profile by adding an avatar and choosing a unique nickname.

Bottom Line:

Teleparty is a fantastic tool that brings people together virtually, allowing them to enjoy a shared streaming experience with friends and family members who are far away. By following the steps mentioned above and taking advantage of its features, such as worldwide access, complete control, live group chat, HD resolution, and multiple streaming platforms, you can create memorable watch parties and connect with loved ones. 

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