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Now Watch Teleparty With Friends Together Online

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With the help of a watch party extension and several group-watching platforms, you may watch movies with your friends or family in real-time, wherever they may be. One of those extensions is Teleparty. Using this, you can watch your favorite films or TV episodes with pals on various streaming services, whether you live nearby or remotely.

With friends and family gathered around the couch, watching movies or binge-watching TV shows is always the most enjoyable. But the long distance is a barrier that causes hindrances to treasuring those moments. Additionally, it’s not always possible to be in the company of your loved ones. Therefore, by utilizing modern-day tools like Teleparty Chrome Extension, you can now enjoy online content with your loved ones without having to travel. Moreover, thanks to technological innovation, Teleparty Extension has a set of unique features that enhances the overall watch party experience for everyone. 

The videos you are watching will sync across several major OTT services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more, and remain connected all the time. In this article, we’ll learn how to watch a Teleparty with friends together online. 

How to use Teleparty to Watch TV Together Online?

By learning how to use the Teleparty Extension, you may organize a watch party where you and your loved ones can connect while watching your favorite TV shows and movies. Furthermore, you can accommodate up to 100 people in a single watch party. 

Therefore, adhere to the following step-by-step directions to accomplish the same:

Step 1: Install the Extension

This watch party is a web browser add-on that is compatible with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Thus, you can install Teleparty from either of those. Furthermore, you can visit the official website ( and tap on the "Add Extension" button to download and install it in your browser. This will take you to the extension page on either the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-Ons, depending on your browser. After that, pin the extension to the browser’s toolbar. 

Step 2: Open the Streaming Service

The streaming services this add-on supports include Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Hotstar, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Peacock TV, and YouTube. Thus, you can host a virtual watch for any of these. If you have an active subscription, then log in using your account credentials. Otherwise, subscribe to the one that you and your pals have in common. Once you've logged into your account, select the movie or TV show you want to watch and start playing it.

Step 3: Organise a Watch Party

Now navigate to the browser from the video playing screen and click the extension icon. A window with the phrase "Create A Watch Party" will then appear. You can create a watch party link by tapping the "Start A Party" button located there. You'll then have the opportunity to copy that URL, copy it and proceed further.

Step 4: Share the Watch Party URL

To invite people to the session, send them the watch party link via email, text message, or social media. To join the party, you have to tap on the invitation URL, and they will automatically be directed to the online movie night session.

Step 5: Playback Sync

To ensure that everyone is streaming the movie simultaneously, Teleparty synchronizes the video playback across all devices. Therefore, no one will fall behind or jump forward as a result.

Step 6: Talk and Enjoy

While watching content together, chat with your party pals using the extension's chat feature. This is a great way to share your opinions, give advice, and react to the ongoing movie or scene. Also, you can exchange your reactions with other participants by using the emoji replies feature.

In conclusion, Teleparty makes it simple and fun to watch movies, TV episodes, and series online with friends and family. Furthermore, with its synchronized playing, real-time conversation, and HD streaming resolutions, it also provides a shared experience that makes you feel like you're in the same room. By following the aforementioned simple steps, you may start a watch party session wherever you are and watch your favorite movies with friends.

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