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How to Start a Party on Teleparty

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Now it's time to upgrade your streaming experience by watching all your favorite videos on your favorite streaming platform only by installing a single Teleparty extension. Yes, this is one and ten percent true that downloading the Teleparty Chrome Extension lets you watch your favorite streaming videos only by sitting at your home, even by gathering your friends. Moreover, you can pick your reliable and easily accessible streaming platform from Disney Plus, Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, and Hulu. The varieties you can get into streaming are movies, shows, short films, movies, series, documentaries, and a lot more. 

Don’t worry if you think that installing this entertainment-filled extension will cost you a lot, as the Teleparty extension is a freely accessible extension. Furthermore, it carries a bunch of prominent and amazing features that hold the potential to amaze your watch party. Now, in order to answer your query about How to use Teleparty and install Teleparty extension. Here we tried to put effort into providing the extension installation information along with features details.


How do you Host a Watch Party on Teleparty?

It is the best part for all streaming lovers as it has relevant information on hosting a watch party. If you are one of them, then, without any further delay, let’s get started:    

1. Install Teleparty Extension 

It would help if you had a compatible web browser; either it should be Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Also, you must have a compatible device to install the Teleparty Chrome extension on it, such as Windows, Chromebook, and macOS. Once you have all this, click here to install the watch party extension.  

2. Pin the Extension 

Click on the "pin" icon to add the watch party extension to the top-right corner of the screen in your browser’s toolbar. Moreover, click on the “Teleparty“ puzzle icon if you cannot find the extension. 

3. Sign in to a Streaming Website

Remember, more than installing the extension is required as to begin streaming, you need to sign in to your preferred streaming platform. It would help if you chose any of these websites, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and Hotstar. Doing so is equally important for other watch party members as well. Therefore, you and other watch party members must have a sign-in account to let the streaming begin. 

4. Search, Select & Stream

Now, search and select the streaming video from your preferred streaming platform. Choose the video that you and your friends would like to watch at your watch party. Next, play the video at your watch party for a while and then pause it. 

5. Create Watch Party

You need to click on the “TP button” displayed beside your browser's address bar. Consequently, an open “Create a watch party” window will display on your screen. On that open window, you will see a “Start a Party” button; ensure to click on that button. So that you can get a generated TeleParty link. You need to share the watch party link with people you prefer to stream videos. 

6. Join Watch Party  

You need to click on the shared watch party link to join the Teleparty. Ensure to click on the link that you received from your friend or host of the watch party. And that’s how you can begin watching all your shows and movies together.  


Different aspects of Teleparty Extension

There are a number of different features and aspects of Teleparty Extension. And using these features helps you in amplifying and leveling up your watch party. Hence, to know what these are and how to use them, follow the below steps: 


1. Global Accessibility 

This feature lets you enjoy watching videos on your favorite streaming platforms worldwide. Moreover, if you need help accessing its streaming service in your current location? Then, you can change your location with the help of VPN services.      

2. Control over Teleparty

After being a watch party host, you can drive the video settings options like pause, play, start, and fast-forward video as per your choice. Opting for this feature is essential from a security perspective. Therefore, click on the “Only I have Control” option to enable controllability. Again click on the same button to release control over the watch party.   

3. Profile Personalization 

Having an exceptional and coolest profile is relevant to your appearances at your watch party. Therefore, as a user, you can customize your profile at any time. Hence, modify it by adding a nickname as a username. And putting the coolest or hottest avatars as your profile icon on your Teleparty profile.  

4. Group Chat

To escape boredom, try a “Group Chat” feature that enables communicating along with streaming videos. The best part is that you can share emojis and messages to share and express your views and opinions more strongly.  


5. Multiple Access

Here you have a feature that stands out from Teleparty among the rest of other streaming platforms. Moreover, this feature allows you to host your watch party and begin streaming on platforms such as Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Hulu. 

6. HD Streaming With Syncing

Last but not least is about watching high-resolution videos or HD picture quality that lets you enjoy a real-life experience. Moreover, the users can enjoy video playback in seamless syncing along with HD streaming.

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