Host Amazon Prime Video Watch Party With Few Simple Steps

With Teleparty stream Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and everything together

Step 1


To download and install the extension on your browser, tap the red "Add to Chrome" button from above. You may also get it from the Chrome Web Store. Then, affix it to the browser's toolbar by tapping the "pin" icon.

Step 2


Next, launch the Netflix app or website on your computer and sign into your streaming membership account. Then, search for and start playing a show or movie that you wish to enjoy with your party pals. Following that, launch the extension by clicking the "TP" button to create the link for your watch party from the video play screen.

Step 3


Now, copy the invitation URL for the invitation and send it to your friends and anybody else you want to join your Netflix watch party. By following the directions above, ensure that everyone who wants to join has the Teleparty Extension installed.

Step 4

Watch Together

Finally, join the watch party by joining the entertainment ride with your buddies. To join the party, click on the invitation URL. Additionally, talk to your party companions and enjoy yourself!

Other Supported Platforms

VIRTUAL Amazon Prime Video AND CHILL

Teleparty - A web extension to easily sync the stream of Netflix shows and movies with your friends.

A web extension called Teleparty lets you personalize your browsing by letting you watch your favorite show on desktop computers and laptops with your friends and family. Furthermore, Teleparty enables you to share your stream with others and offers a group-chat feature so that everyone can discuss what they are watching. Additionally, it allows you to connect with your far-flung friends and family over a virtual movie night to watch your favorite flicks together. Watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Hotstar, Prime Video, Paramount Plus, Peacock TV, and YouTube together with the amazing Teleparty.


Teleparty automatically provides the real-time synchronization of everyone's video playback. Therefore, enabling everyone to watch the same thing at the same time with no one lagging behind.


Check in with your online watch party mates and find out how they are doing. Additionally, use the chat tool that is available right next to the movie to express your ideas and opinions to everyone at your watch party.

HQ Resolutions

Stream everything in high quality with the quick buffering speed with the Teleparty extension. Get a viewership experience that is so pleasurable that you cannot get enough of it.


Take complete control of your Teleparty to establish yourself as a legitimate host. Using the "Only I Have Control" and switching it on or off, take or let go of control of the watch party management.

Global Accessibility

Connect with everyone you know no matter where you reside. Teleparty is available worldwide for everyone to install and host a Netflix Party with friends all around the world. Additionally, organize watch parties for several other streaming platforms as well.


Many different devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, laptops, and Chromebooks, are compatible with this streaming plugin. Additionally, you can download it from either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser.


While watching Netflix together, let your emotions fly like confetti as you laugh, weep, or get angry. Take full advantage of your loved ones' presence with Teleparty.


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